Did that poop roll out of his pants?

Hilarious story time!

Okay, so my 9 year old, Corbin had basketball practice last friday and it was a literal shit show from start to finish. Givanni kept running around and dropping the basketball which caused the ball to roll onto the court while the team was practicing over and over again. Meanwhile, my 3 year old, Aria kept crying and rolling around on the ground like a crazy person. I would get one of them to settle down and then the other one would begin throwing a fit for no apparent reason but to embarrass me as much as possible in front of all of these parents that i dont even know.

So, Aria is laying in front of me (i am sitting on the bottom bleacher) and givanni is coming over to get his tablet. I hand him his tablet and Aria starts screaming crying that she wants too wants the tablet. I reach down to pick her up and I see this quarter size ball of poop right by givanni’s shoe. This perfect ball of shit.

My first thought is “this is Givanni’s poop. He’s had to of pooped his pants” and without a second thought…you guessed it…I PICKED IT UP. barehanded. hopeing and praying that noone seen any of this, I gather up my screaming kids and head to the bathroom.

We get in the bathroom and i throw away the poop and wash my hands then pull givanni’s pants down to realise that he didnt poop. So, I get him back dressed and pull Aria’s pants down andddddd……SHE DIDNT POOP EITHERRRRR.

Moral of the story, my dumbass picked up somebody elses shit.

The Journey Begins

Hey guys! My name is Courtney and I am completely new to blogging but 9 years experience in winging it at motherhood. I have a 9 year old(corbin), 5 year old(givanni) and 3 year old(aria). Just a stay at home momma trying to show the world how incredibly rewarding and hilarious this JOB is but also how miserably exhausting and lonely it becomes at times.

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